The Wall: Psychoanalysis and Autism

I think these clips are incredibly interesting. Apparently, “Since its premiere in September 2011, The film “The Wall; psychoanalysis to the test for autism” has generated criticism among many French autism professionnals. They have reproached its director, Sophie Robert, for deliberately biaising the documentary, choosing only caricatures, selecting only passages that were going in the direction she wanted to give. This is unfortunately not the case: all the parents attending the first projection cheered this documentary, recognising similarities with their own histories.

The film unleashed a wave of online testimonials from parents thanking Sophie Robert showing what was really happening in France about the management of autism. In October 2011 she was sued by three of the psychoanalysts filmed. Claiming that their words had been put out of their context,, they requiered this movie to be censored. Despite the presence in the case of a video sequence showing that this not only had not been put out of context, but on the contrary, had been attenuated, the film was, against all justice, censored, in January 2012.”


What's your opinion?

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