and The Psyche

Michael Eigen observes that we’re all fundamentally mad, psychotic. He writes, “As psychoanalysis unfolded, interest turned toward psychosis, anihilation anxiety, psychic mutilation, grave damage running through the psyche, permeating psychic systems, where not only conscious but also unconscious processes were damaged. In fact, psychosis was important to psychoanalysis from the outset, and Freud’s structural system is based on it. The id is described as the cauldron of seething excitation where the law of contradiction doesn’t hold, out of contact with ‘reality.’ Hallucination is an early mode of cognition for the ego, which develops antihallucinogenic qualities. Hallucination not only returns at night in dreams, but even filters into over- and under- estimations of self and other expressed in transference, idealization, denigration. The mad superego feeds hallucination with a delusion of being morally right, inflicting an endless stream of hate on personality, co-opting id/ego function on behalf of destruction. In extreme instances – extreme but not infrequent – moral violence (i.e., destructive use of mean morality) becomes the great suicidal terrorist of the psyche, the ego deforming itself and becoming monstrous to conform with it” (Psychic Music, 74).


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