25 Profound Habits of Real Life Happy Couples

What ‘little’ things have you done to improve the quality of your relationship with your Significant Other? Here are 25 habits practiced by REAL couples that you can use to make a profound impact on your own relationship with your significant other. These are all easy and simple things to do and can make your relationship better than it ever was!

1. Steal Her Towel While She’s In The ShowerI like to steal her towel and put it in the dryer. Then when I hear her shut off the water I know I have about thirty seconds befor she opens the shower door cuz she has little wiping her face off and pushing her hair I back routine. So I open the door and wrapper in the hot towel, kiss her cheek while her eyes are still shut and walk away.

2. Spend those extra few minutes together… Even if that means sacrificing sleepMy SO gets up around 5:30 every morning. Instead of staying in bed, I wake up make coffee for him before he hops in the shower (I’ll get everything ready the night before even the cups with sugar and creamer and just hit the brew button when I jump out of bed) and I have breakfast waiting when he’s out of the shower. Seems like a small thing but it gives us 5 extra hours together a week and it’s some of the best moments of my day. I’ll go back to bed for about an hour or a half depending on what’s going on when he leaves. Sure I’m missing out a little bit on sleeping but doin this has really helped my relationship immensely.

3. Let him be little spoon 
There’s nothing better than when we’re sleeping and she’ll just turn over and grab my waist to pull herself closer to me and then nuzzle into my back like a cat, all while she’s still half asleep. My back gets really tense a lot and this feels amazing.
4. Keep personal things personal
I don’t post anything on social media about us arguing/regarding our rough times. It seems like common sense to not do that, but I see my friends, even some of my married friends, completely air out their dirty laundry with their SO on Facebook or Twitter… Just so terrible to see.
5. Stop apologizing! Say “thank you” instead
Stop saying sorry. Say thank you instead. When you say, “sorry for being a jerk” the other person is forced to either call you a jerk or say it wasnt a big deal. Instead, say “thank you for being so being so patient with me” so the other person has a reason to say they love you.
6. Never say never 
By not using “always” or “never” in an argument, we are able to discuss disagreements rather than argue about absolutes.
7. Be like an Eskimo and make“Igloo Time”
We have “igloo time.” For five minutes a day we huddle under a blanket, pretend we’re in an igloo, and discuss our high and low for that day. I don’t know why we make like it’s an igloo. There was probably a reason for it when we first started the practice and we’ve both forgotten about it by now.
8. Don’t argue with your SO’s feelings; acknowledge them
Something he has done for me is let me be upset. Sounds silly, but he gives me validation even if I’m being irrational. Then when I calm down we can talk things out. No one ever did that before him. It has been huge for me, because growing up I was always treated like being upset was wrong or that I wasn’t being fair to the other party involved. I don’t want to be right all the time, I just want to be allowed to be pissed off!
9. Don’t keep score! 
I stopped expecting anything in return for what I do for her. I used to be all, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. When she didn’t scratch my back, I’d get all hurt and slightly passive aggressive. One day it just clicked that I need to do these things for her because I love her, and not expect payback.
10. Little presents go a long way 
Whenever he mentions something that he likes or wants, small or large, I write it down in a list on my phone. I get him these things from time to time – most recent was “mini cadbury eggs” because he said it was his favorite Easter candy. I want him to know that I’m always thinking about him.

I got so tired of waking up freezing in the middle of the night because my SO grabbed the corner in his sleep and rolled himself into a big handsome burrito. One night after he unconsciously burritoed himself – and I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me sooner – I stormed to the linen closet, got my own damn blanket, and fumed my way to a great night’s sleep. Genius.
Protip: King sized comforter on a queen sized bed
12. Have an activity you only do together 
We have shows we watch together, and we’re not allowed to cheat and watch ahead. Sometimes we do. Then we get all guilty and buy the other person a candy bar or some beer. It all works out in the end.
We cook dinner together every night. She usually makes a salad and/or the vegetables. I do the meat. It’s 30-45 minutes a night we do something together and it’s every night.
13. Remember to take some “me”-time 
We have our own hobbies. Living with someone can be difficult if one or both people rely on the other for attention and entertainment all the time. My wife likes to read. I like to play video games and shoot hoops with the neighbors. We have things we like to do together, but it’s nice to be able to get away and do our own thing when we feel like being alone.
14. Cuddle 

I hated cuddling, but he has always loved it. Now I enjoy it just as much as him. Scratch his back and head, especially before sleep.
15. Leave a note! 
We have very different work schedules and he leaves for work before I even wake up, so every night I write him a note (a funny story or joke, thanking him for something he did earlier that day, etc.) and leave it by the coffeepot for him to read so it’s kind of like we get to “talk” in the morning. In return, he makes coffee and opens all of the curtains so I can wake up to fresh coffee and natural sunlight.
My SO is an avid reader, and I’ll sneak notes into random parts of his books. The other day he asked me to grab some change from his wallet, and I discovered that he keeps them all with him.
16. Ready their toothbrush in the morning 
The smallest thing I do is get her toothbrush ready every night and every morning and leave it next to the sink for her. She loves it. I got the idea from my dad who has been doing it for my mom for like 38 years. All I do is put the toothpaste on it add a little water and set it on a little thing to keep it off the countertop. It’s a small gesture to let her know I’m thinking of her when I wake up and when I go to bed and all day in between.
17. Give away that last bite 
Always give them the last bite of any food you share – no matter how amazingly delicious!
18. Take candid pics and share them with her 
I take random pictures of her and the rest of the family, then I just send them randomly to her during her day. So out of no where she’ll get a nice pic of our kids, or the two of us somewhere. Then I basically tell her each time how lucky I feel to have her and the kids. I don’t overdo it. But just a subtle “I’m a very lucky man…” and then a picture, but I never forget to do it, and I hope she knows I never take for granted the great things I have.
19. Dance. Unexpectedly. 
I dance with her. Not anywhere special, I’ll just start dancing with her. We’ll be doing the dishes and I’ll put my arm around her waist and start humming.
20. Make time for things he likes 
Every once in a while when I notice my boyfriend has been stressed out I’ll set aside a weekend just for him. From Friday night to Monday morning he gets whatever he wants. I make him a little gift basket with his favorite beers/movies/snacks/new video game and cook his favorite foods. He wants to marathon watch Lord of the Rings or play poker all weekend, thats what we do. He wants a burger for breakfast, I make it. I have no opinions for the whole weekend and I completely cater to him. He’s the kind of guy that always looks out for everyone else so its nice to return the favor.
21. Make a “Fight Box” 
They call it a fight box. Some people build one of these at their wedding, but you can also put one together the first day you say I love you. Write love letters to each other and place into a box along with a bottle of wine. Nail it shut. When you have your first fight, open it up, pour the wine, go to separate corners, read the love letters, and remember what it’s all about.
22. Set low expectations, then beat them
I told my ex-GF that I couldn’t pick her up from the airport after she was away for a week, but I’d give her the money for a cab once she got home. Then I went to airport in a suit, and stood in baggage claim holding up a sign with her name on it as if I was a limo service.
23. Make the bed, even if you don’t care about it
I make the bed every single day. I’ve never really cared about whether the bed was made because you just sleep in it right? My wife told me early in our relationship how much she liked to get into a made bed at night and that she thinks it makes the room look neater, but I didn’t take much notice and just kind of kept leaving it messy. One day I made it on a whim and when she came home from work it meant way more to her than I had realized. She had had a bad day and just that little gesture made her cry happy tears. I started making the bed every day and it’s such a small thing but she’s told me a few times how much it means to her!
24. Get high together… on endorphins! 
For some reason, I used to refuse to exercise in front of my partner, but since I started going for 20+ mile bike rides with my current boyfriend, I’ve realized how silly that was. Who cares about sweat? The experience of working out together is exhilarating…plus, the couple that exercises together has a better time in bed together. FACT.
25. Get naked… and just talk 
We spend a good deal of time just lying on the bed, chatting. For some reason, our conversations while we were lying there naked were always much more personal and intimate.Originally Posted at http://sfglobe.com/?id=1098&src=share_fb_new_1098


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